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Learn Prompt Engineering in Hyderabad

Prompt Engineering Course in Hyderabad

Course Curriculum

Lesson 1: Course Overview
Lesson 2: AI Concepts
Lesson 3: Prompt Engineering Basics
Lesson 4: AI Limitations

Lesson 5: Prompting Fundamentals
Lesson 6: Tailoring Responses
Lesson 7: Guiding Output
Lesson 8: Controlling Information Flow

Lesson 9: Patterns Introduction
Lesson 10: Adopting Perspectives
Lesson 11: Two-Way Interactions
Lesson 12: Gamification

Lesson 13: Structuring Output
Lesson 14: Custom Languages
Lesson 15: Completing Recipes
Lesson 16: Alternative Thinking

Lesson 17: Requesting Input
Lesson 18: Expanding and Acting
Lesson 19: Validating and Reinforcing
Lesson 20: Filtering Content

Lesson 21: Formatting Communication
Lesson 22: Combining Techniques
Lesson 23: Prompt Mastery
Lesson 24: Conclusion

Key Points

  • Comprehensive course covering fundamentals and advanced applications of generative AI
  • Learn from AI experts with 5+ years industry experience
  • Flexible batch timings – weekday, weekend and fast-track
  • Real-world projects and case studies
  • 100% job assistance and interview preparation
  • Certification on course completion

About the Course

At Prompt Learnings, our generative AI course is designed and delivered by industry experts to equip learners with in-demand skills. Through a balanced mix of theory and hands-on labs, you will gain practical knowledge to create innovative AI applications.

Our comprehensive curriculum covers:

  • Generative AI concepts – GANs, VAEs, Diffusion Models etc.
  • Major frameworks – PyTorch, TensorFlow, Hugging Face etc.
  • State-of-the-art techniques like DALL-E 2, Stable Diffusion etc.
  • Real-world projects and case studies
  • Interview preparation modules

We also offer post-course support to guide you in AI career or entrepreneurship journey. 8000+ alumni from our emerging tech courses are already placed in leading companies and startups.

Modes of Training Offered

We offer full flexibility in mode and pace of generative AI training:

  • Instructor-led Online Classroom – Interactive classes from home
  • Self-Paced E-Learning – Learn anytime, anywhere
  • Fast-Track Batches – Complete course in 4-6 weeks
  • Weekday batch – 2 hours daily sessions
  • Weekend batch – 3-4 hours sessions

Key Features

  • 5+ Industry Experts – Learn from AI/ML practitioners
  • 8 Generative AI Projects – Hands-on real-world case studies
  • Interview Preparation – Questions, resume building, mock interviews
  • Lifetime Access – Future updates and support
  • 24×7 Online Support – Mentoring beyond classroom
  • Generative AI Toolkits – Curated models, datasets, notebooks
  • Completion Certificate – Valorize skills and knowledge
What Participants Are Saying About Our Course

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Generative AI Certification

Our course curriculum is designed as per industry requirements. Upon meeting the assessment criteria, you get:

  • Generative AI Course Completion Certificate from Prompt Learnings
  • Credential Display on LinkedIn, CV to showcase your skills
  • Letter of Recommendation

The certificate and credentials validate your knowledge and help land AI jobs.

Job Opportunities

As per reports, global demand for AI talent will surpass supply by over 4X in coming years. India alone has 50,000+ vacancies in AI.

After our generative AI course, you can explore such open positions:

  • AI Engineer
  • ML Engineer
  • NLP Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • AI Consultant / Trainer
  • AI Solution Architect

Many of our course alumni started as AI freelancers, took global remote jobs or founded startups in generative art, metaverse etc.

The average salary you can expect after skilling up ranges from ₹7-15 lakhs per annum, for mid to senior roles.

Market Trends

Recent advancements in deep learning have led to surge in generative AI applications:

  • 2025 Projection – $20 billion global generative AI market
  • Over $1 billion funding received by generative startups like Anthropic, Stability AI
  • DALL-E 2 art generates 1.3 million weekly users
  • 70% businesses actively experimenting with generative AI

Role of generative AI developers has thus become vital across sectors like:

  • Media & Entertainment
  • Gaming, VR/Metaverse
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Automobile

Our course helps you gain specialized knowledge to tap these growth avenues.

Prerequisites to Learn Generative AI Course

We recommend learners to have:

  • Basic Python programming knowledge
  • Fundamentals of machine learning and neural networks
  • College-level math proficiency

The above foundations help quickly ramp up on advanced techniques covered in the course.

We also provide introductory supplements to cover any gaps in understanding data structures, linear algebra etc. needed for generative AI.

Overall, beginners to intermediate coders can benefit by upskilling through this course.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is generative AI?

Generative AI refers to smart algorithms that can create new data or content on their own, as opposed to analyzing existing data. Prominent examples are DALL-E for images, ChatGPT for text etc.

What are the prerequisites to learn this course?

We recommend basic coding experience in Python or any language along with knowledge of machine learning concepts. College math background is helpful to understand model architectures.

How long is this course?

We offer both long-term comprehensive course spanning 3-4 months as well as fast-track variant completing in 4 weeks. You get lifetime access to course content and systems.

When are batch timings available?

We have flexible batch options on weekdays, weekends as well as “learn anytime” e-learning mode. You can choose a suitable schedule.

What technologies/tools are covered?

We focus on deep learning libraries like PyTorch and TensorFlow to build advanced neural networks. You will get access to HuggingFace models like DALL-E and industry datasets to train generative models.

Will I get project experience?

Yes, we offer 8 detailed capstone projects in generative art, text/code generation etc. to apply your learnings. This showcases your hands-on skills to employers.

Do you support in getting AI jobs?

Yes, we provide dedicated placement assistance including resume building, mock interviews etc. Many startups and companies hire from our talent pool.

Is this course suitable for beginners?

Yes, the course starts with fundamentals before progressively building up to advanced generative techniques. Prior basic ML knowledge is an added benefit.

How is learning experience?

We offer engaging interactive classes, expert code reviews, dedicated slack community and project guidance to enrich your learning experience. Doubt clearing is also available.

What certification will I receive?

Upon meeting assessment criteria, you get Generative AI course completion certificate from Prompt Learnings. This validates your skills.

Can the fees be paid in installments?

Yes, we offer flexible 2-3 month EMI options as well fee discounts on full payment. Please get in touch for details.

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